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Our advantages

The taxi loyalty program 6677 provides the opportunity, for all customers, to accumulate bonuses for each trip 1% and 5% when ordering online, and subsequently, to pay for a trip in a taxi with bonuses.

The program of assistance and mutual assistance has been operating since 2000 and is aimed at supporting those who need such taxi services: trips to the hospital, trips to rehabilitation, trips for the disabled, trips for the elderly. If you need such free services, contact us and we will certainly try to help.

Taxi service has been the main area of ​​activity of 6677 taxi company since 2000. High qualifications and experience are the key to excellent service, which is why we pay special attention to staff recruitment. You can always count on the punctuality of the driver, his safe driving skills and attention to passengers. We strive not only to meet all requirements, but also to exceed your expectations in the field of transportation.

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